Thought i would write something about my “new year wish” video.

pfC_ Whole thing was done in a real rush in an ordinary christmas chaos, when everyone is getting presents, all the clients suddenly have new feedback,

finishing multiple projects and well you know how it is…the usual.

In this chaotic frenzy I just thought it would be nice to send my friends some new year wish other then classic stuff you can see around here,

and by here i mean Czech and Slovak republic,

(have to say, I only found out when i send it over the Pony Trash and they were like..what does it mean PF2013?

So i did some research and find that it is common habit only around these parts (and probably some other nearby countries..))

Anyway the thing was, to make it nice, fast paced to the tunes of “down the river”  by pony trash, ending with some massive fireworks.

Well that was the idea…it didnt work quite well. Since i did couple of mistakes on the way.


First was the length. From the start i wanted to be a minute long thing and even Im in the business of vfx postproduction and motion design for quite some time

i didnt realize the difficulty i was going to meet.

The minute long thing is not that big deal, but it realy depends how much time you can spend on it.

I’ve got 5 days. Making the video from scratch and completely done in Fusion…pfB_

So well yeah, it can be done…but then the clients called and wanted some patches/updates and all the other things on different projects “day before christmas”.

And as in all the projects you want them to be the best, everything went just wrong..particle caches wasnt working as expected, so the render (and prerenders) took a long time.

I did some testing before and wanted complete control over the particles and in some way it did work well…


(must say it was the most problematic part).

Setting the camera angles and edits took me some time and in the end its not that bad, but animation of the objects could be a lot better and more interesting.

Wanted to use some effects on the flying objects, but in a hurry i was able only to add some reflextion passes,render it,

send it over to friends and went enjoy the holidays:)

Final visual is not that bad, bit slow..,

but thats what it looks like when you rush things and dont have the time for the final tuning:)

pfD_Anyway, for the next year PF i will be prepared much better (if there will be any)  🙂

So, live long and prosper.