In 2016 I’ve been traveling a bit. Maybe a bit more than I usualy travel.

Over a year I always tried to carry my little Blackmagic Pocket Cam (which isnt particulary little anymore) with me everywhere I moved and since I traveled few places, it ended up with loads of material.

With my wife we crossed the US from NYC through LA to Chicago and did a lot of roadtripping in the US and bit around Europe, mostly at my home country in Slovakia.

As I said, I ended up with hell of a lot new ProRes/Raw material on my disks and naturaly, no time to edit/postproduce or grade them due to lots of other freelance projects I have been working on.

Well, the usual. So as the end of year was aproaching I wanted to stitch at least something from those pictures together.

Eventualy it became chronological edit of my travels throughout the year. Nothing fancy and finished in a rush with me in fever days before the christmass.


Hopefuly I will find some time during upcoming months to make more “in depth” videos from US travels, which was mine intention from the very beginning anyway.

So pour feliciter 2017 and lets hope this new year will bring us something good.